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Тема: Can't install WMXI

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    Can't install WMXI

    Hello Admin and guys

    I am a Webmoney User, A newbie in PHP coding.

    It has made me very much time to know how to use Webmoney API and It also has made me much time to register in this forum due to the difficult Security question in an unknown Language, Thanks God, I can register an account and I am posting here !

    I downloaded your WMXI and uploaded it to my host, I tried to run WMXI.php but It showed me error
    SimpleXMLElement Object ( [reqn] => 138634759091657 [retval] => 110 [retdesc] => create error step=14 ) int(110) string(45) "No access to interface [create error step=14]"

    The x3 works, I can see my amount here!
    so Please Admin can you help me ?
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    You need to send an activation request to Technical Support.

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    Цитата Сообщение от dkameleon Посмотреть сообщение
    You need to send an activation request to Technical Support.
    Yes thank you admin,
    Webmoney is the most complex payment system I have ever used.

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    I sent the request and I am waiting for the answer.
    Now I have a question;
    In _header.php
    I have 2 consts: PRIMARY_WMID and ANOTHER_WMID
    The Primary_wmid is of me and ANOTHER_WMID is of the person who will receive my money ?

    So Do I need 2 value ? I need to ask both WMID and his PURSE Num to send him money ?

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    this is just two constants used in samples. no need to use them in your project.
    see folder /samples/

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